SmallHD Focus HDMI Monitor Cine Kit


SmallHD Focus Monitor Cine Kit

5-inch Monitor + Tilt Arm with Daylight Visibility

Professional grade touchscreen monitor bundled with our very best accessories.


Display: 5-inch, 1280x720, 294 PPI

Brightness: 800 nits

Input: Micro HDMI, Micro USB

Output: ⅛” Headphone Jack, 7.2v Power

Power: Sony L Series Battery

Ships with:

FOCUS Camera Monitor

L-Series Battery Kit

FOCUS Cable Clips

Cleaning Cloth

Strong Arm 7

Magic Mount

FOCUS Tilt Arm

UltraClear Screen Protector

Micro HDMI to Full HDMI Adapter

24“ Micro to Full HDMI Cable

12“ Micro USB to Micro USB Cable

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