IDX A-E2EOSC, V-Mount Adapter Platte für Canon EOS C100, C300 und C500

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Product Features:

  • Allows mounting of IDX ENDURA batteries and provides power to Canon Cinema EOS Series cameras via breakout DC cable (please note that plate does not mount directly onto Canon EOS series cameras)
  • 50W D-Tap Output (unregulated) available for powering cameras, onboard recorders, lights, monitors, ect.
  • Able to be mounted onto the IDX A-CP(A), TA-CA2 or any other mounting plates on industry standard rail systems
V-Mound Adapter Platte für Canon EOS C Serie
Cable Output Voltage
8.4V DC
Maximum Cable Output
D-Tap Output Voltage
 12~16.8V DC
Maximum D-Tap Output
 50W (each port)
 82.5(W) x 142(H) x 12(D) mm
210 grams approx
Included Accessories
M3 x 8 screws (qty. 4)