Ambient ACN-LSB, Tasche für ACN-LS Lockit Slate

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ACN-LSB – Lockit Slate Bag

The ACN-LSB bag protects the slate against shocks, rain and dirt. With a rigid, sewn-in framework, this bag can withstand even roughest production conditions. The robust, waterproof fabric with long, overlapping cover forms a reliable shield against any weather conditions and keeps your slate dry and clean. Due to magnetic buttons, the bag can be closed and locked even in low-light situations without a second look.

Additionally, the magnets release when pulling the slate handle for lightning-fast slate removal. Quivers for board markers and other utilities are placed on both the bag front and under the lid, providing easy access for left and right handed people. With several loops on the bag and the comfy carrying strap, the slate can be put on a belt, sound cart, or a magliner. Providing excellent protection and flexibility, the ACN-LSB can be conveniently placed or hung near the AC or sound mixer for quick access to the Lockit Slate.